Health It is true: tea is a wonderful drink

It is true: tea is a wonderful drink


If the marijuana is the favorite drug, happy that you can legally eat it in Illinois now.

The mine is tea. I saw that it was a worthwhile addiction even when my consumption grew to half a dozen or so cups a day. I never saw caffeine gears. When reports on tea health benefits came out, I was happy to believe that my addiction is good for me and that I did not go into research.

Recently, it was recently opened to read the claims made on my best drinks in newcomer 2017 See Lisa The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Lee characters in the tea tea industry of China prescribes tea for numerous illnesses, even as a cure for cancer: Tea has more than one hundred objects: the immune system to boost, balance the warm and cold temperatures of the body, more blood pressure low and blood sugar, and help tiles to melt out as well as tumors. “Tea helps us think more quickly, sleep less, move lighter, and see it more clearly. ““ Our ancestors believed that peace, discomfort, and mildness could be eliminated ”Tea can stop the bowels, alleviate a bug, and remove the brain, hitting the eyes, and at the joints. . ”

WOW! If all those claims are valid, why do we not drink tea-lunch tea? Why do Americans prefer coffee?

I decided to find out which of the purported benefits are supported by scientific research.

The health benefits of tea arise from the antioxidants contained in the plant-based micro-nutrients called polyphenols. The antioxidants in polyethylene protect cells against damage that may have been caused by free radicals that could be harmful in the body.

The USA Tea Association is clearly not impartial, but more than 100 citations support its long report on tea benefits. The research society states that tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, neurological decline, obesity, and osteoporosis, helps to manage diabetes, and strengthens the immune system and oral health.

Hasan Mukhtar, a professor at the University of Wisconsin who studied tea health, and his African colleague Naghma Khan, summarized recent studies in the paper “Tea Polyphenols on the Advancement of Human Health.” Published Nutrients in December 2018, the paper documented the role of tea polyphenols in preventing cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Mukhtar and Khan focused on green tea, the largest study of the three major tea forms. The whole tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and makes different types of processing methods. Since fermentation destroys some of the polyphenols in black and oolong teas, “now, green tea seems to have more beneficial effects,” Mukhtar said with a Flavoring Table. The green and black tea have received similar results. "I prefer black, and 75 percent of people who drink tea on earth, I hope the Tea Association is right."

But in fact, do the health benefits as the best thing we drink? I started drinking black tea because I liked it a heavy taste, taste, and I'm not going to lock greening flavoring for antioxidant that could be more. Health benefits are a peripheral advantage; I drink black tea for pleasure (and caffeine, it must be admitted). Starting with Lipton tea bags, I moved up to classic tea bags like Twinings that loose leaf teas from Indian grocery on Devon Avenue. Reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane It encourages me to taste the wonderful teas of the world, including Pu, the “king” of tea.

Recently researched physical benefits are not focused The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. He notes them but stresses the pleasure as well as the spiritual aspects of tea that the Chinese sages obsolete with for centuries. “Confucius taught his fans that tea could help people understand their internal attitudes,” says one character, “although the Buddha offers the highest spiritual qualities. . . . They believe that tea can make connections between meditation. . . . The Wye sees tea as a way of regulating internal alchemy, being in harmony with the natural world, and being an ingredient in the immortality elixir. ”

If you haven't had any transcendent effects from tea – that isn't – maybe we are caring enough for the drinking action it is in our early society. “Tea reminds us to delay the pressures of modern life and to escape it,” he writes, but I lose the reminder when I am drinking on the computer or walking down the sidewalk. See character who speaks about the spiritual qualities of tea gives a lesson on how to drink when he says: “The physical process we have when we drink tea. . . causing us to enter and reflect because the liquor is cooking our language, reducing our throat, and rising again as perfume. .



“Shouldn't we be taking action appropriate 'against ourselves as well? Aren't we indirectly blaming the loss of this civilized world? As we have seen, last week's lesson, however, was that the administration of the Trump was irresponsible and Soleimani was being killed at this time.

Chicago Sun-Times editor, January 10


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