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Nemertes conducted a study of 571 organizations that found that those who moved to a single UCC vendor found significant and measurable benefits in productivity, operational costs, application utilization, and employee satisfaction.

Through built-in apps and overall feature-rich UCC experiences, employees can complete tasks faster and collaborate with their teams more efficiently. Specifically, it is calculated that they become 31.7% more productive. They also see their monthly leave cost per employee drop by 44%.

By offering a consistent user interface, companies saw a 33.1% increase in the use of UCC applications. This has become an important measure of overall success. If organizations are going to invest in technology, business leaders want to ensure that employees are actually using it.

And finally, because employees like the predictability and consistency of using applications, they value their technology toolkit better. Research participants said employees rated UCC apps positively 35.7% higher.

An example of integrated UCC applications is Nvoice for Microsoft Teams, which seamlessly integrates Cloudya, NFON’s cloud telephony system, with Microsoft Teams for making calls. This solution facilitates flexibility and reduces costs and it is an easily scalable system.

Advantages of cloud telephony

The market for cloud phone systems is constantly growing. From 2017 to 2022, cloud extensions will increase from 13 million to 26 million in Europe. Ease of use, complete independence and reliability are the credentials of cloud telephony systems like NFON. If you want to know more about these solutions you can visit this link



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