It marks 19 years of the terrorist attacks of September 11 and thus they remember the victims in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

remembrance ceremony at

September 11 victims


today is 19 years old.

patricia: despite having

after two decades, the

attacks are still latent in the

memory of the nacón and

solemn were made for

pay honor to the victims.

our partner is in the

lower manhattan with all the

details of the ceremony in the

New York City.

reporter: good afternoon.

indeed, this morning I

carried out the ceremony of

commemoration for the 19

anniversary of those attacks

terroristas al world trade

center, to the pengon and to the flight

93. the ceremony was carried out

went smoothly, but

under strict measures of

security due to the pandemic

coronavirus what are we

living in these moments.

it should be mentioned that the

ceremony they were only invited

the relatives and also

notable members of the

poetry like mike pence,

also vice president joe

biden and also the governor

from new york, andrew cuomo.

those present at all times

they wore a face mask and

ceremony was divided in two


additionally, whatever

been doing year after year,

the remembrance event met

with six pauses that started

8 26 … at which time

the first plane hit the

north tower and the last break

It happened at 10:28 when the

tower collapsed.

the event is to perform

tribute to over 2000

people who died on 11

September 2001.

2753 saw life in the world

trade center.

184 on the pengon and 40 on

aboard flight 93.

also this morning we had the

opportunity to converse in

direct with the commissioner of

the cop who ensured that

they were deploying a massive

operational security for

be able to guarantee safety

of those present and of all

members of the press who are

tomorrow we made an appointment for

pay tribute to

victims that unfortunately

I asked for life that 11 of

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