It only lasted two weeks on the air: the enormous failure of Caracol with El Hijo del Cacique

For the second day in a row Caracol did not give the novel by Martín Elias and lengthened La Voz because of the fear they have of La Nieta Elegida, will they not give it again?

RCN came stomping with The Chosen Granddaughter and they have Caracol trembling with fear. Positioned at 9 o’clock at night, Caracol knew that the new RCN was going to wipe out The Son of the Chief and that is why he decided to remove the novel and lengthen The Senior Voice not to lose rating.

The strategy has worked for them since while the Caracol reality show is exceeding 12 points between 8 and 10 PM, The Chosen Granddaughter it is not getting to exceed 8 points. Caracol had the option to decide which program to remove to lengthen The voice and they preferred to remove the new novel by Martín Elías that New Rich, New Poor, a novel from more than 10 years ago that they repeat for the second time.

The priorities for the channel are clear and it is seen that by removing the novel by the late Vallenato singer, they acknowledge that they made a mistake broadcasting it. The Son of the Chief It has not even reached 10 rating points in the two weeks that it lasted on the air, and it is not known if Caracol will transmit it again when it stops giving two consecutive hours of The Senior Voice.

In the event that Caracol decides not to give the Martín Elías novel again, it would be one of the biggest recent failures in the history of Colombian television with only two weeks to air. Something similar to when RCN failed with Valentino the Argentine, Julián Román’s novel that lasted only 4 days on the air.