“It seems better than my dad…” The viewers were upset by the action of’Gunnably’ (video)

Naeun-i and Gun-hoo showed the’parenting mastery’ aspect of taking care of the youngest, Jin-woo.

In KBS2’s’The Return of Superman’ (hereinafter’Shoodoll’) broadcast on the 1st, the story of the’Chingun Nably’ family was drawn including Park Joo-ho, Nayeon, Gun-hoo, and the youngest Jin-woo.

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Joo-ho’s dad and Gonna-bly brother and sister, who left’Shudoll’ for a third Jinwoo birth in January, returned to their entirety after a year.

Jinwoo, who was first released in the last broadcast, became a hot topic for her cuteness and pure personality, half resembling Naeunyi and Gunhoo. In addition, the parenting skills of the brothers and sisters Gunnably, who take care of the youngest Jin-woo, surprised viewers.

In the broadcast that day, dad Park Joo-ho challenged to make special food for children. The nature of food is beet baby food and beet juice. With a somewhat unfamiliar (?) visual, Jinwoo refused the baby food from his father. But I ate the baby food that my sister Nayeon gave me well.

KBS’The Return of Superman’

Naeun-i taught Joo-ho’s father how to feed baby food, saying, “You have to wait until Jinwoo does ah- and give it to me.” The viewers laughed at the appearance of Jinwoo, who tried as Naeun-i told him, but in the end he only received baby food from Na-ni.

Nayeon said, “Dad can’t do without me. I have to let it know.” Park Joo-ho was moved by saying, “Dad shouldn’t have Naeun.

Second, Geon-hoo took care of the youngest Jin-woo like a reliable hyung.

The Gunnably family started learning to play to develop Jinwoo’s finger strength. Geon-hoo, who took the memo from the mirror and watched Jin-woo put it in his mouth, retrieved the memo and removed it out of reach of the youngest. He took care of Jinwoo as well as his older sister, Naeun, and showed off his’brother’s beauty.

Netizens who watched the broadcast were “Both are really unique”, “I think Naeun is better than Park Joo-ho?”, “How can all three be so cute differently? Like angels…”, “A baby is a baby. I take care of me” and so on.

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