“It should be such a UAZ from the factory!” – The Russians charmed the tuned UAZ-469


Well, then what to do in the garage?

Tuning domestic cars is a very common occurrence in Russia. Against the background of their high popularity, many car owners are trying to stand out from the crowd, bringing “zest” to their car. And if often domestic cars are truly “collective farms”, then sometimes craftsmen can create truly worthy copies. One of these is the UAZ-469, which impressed users with its modifications.

Kenguryatnik, reinforced bumpers, roof rack, hood protection, new wheel arches and sills – so the owner decided to modify his SUV. Moreover, the UAZ-469 received new wheels with special tires, making it easy to overcome the terrain. Finally, the car body is painted with matte black paint, which gives it, oddly enough, a more luxurious look. As for the technical characteristics, there is no information about this.

Probably, the car received a more powerful engine to better cope with the terrain. Netizens saw the similarities between this Kozlik and Helik.

“It should be such a UAZ from the factory!”, “Appearance can be brought up to yourself, if the parts were made of high quality,” “Dream of the UAZ factory,” Cool looks, ”“ And it will cost 3 million, ”commented the amazed Russians.

The difference between the factory and tuned versions is obvious

Recall UAZ-469 is a Soviet and Russian SUV, produced from 1972 to 2003. The car was equipped with a 451MI carburetor engine with a volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of 75 horsepower. A couple of him was a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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