“It smells like, how far have you done it?”… Asha’s ’19-Gold Hak Bomb’ broke out

Everglow Asha/News1 © News1 Reporter Jinhwan Kim

Suspicion of school violence against group Everglow Asha (21, real name Heo Yu-rim) has also been raised. In this regard, Asha’s position was “confirming the facts”.

On the 22nd, an online community posted an article titled’Oh, an idol member born in the year 00′.

The author of the post said, “A, who made his debut, looked so happy as if nothing had happened. I was struggling with bad rumors so far because of A’s behavior in middle school.” “A was one of the Iljins in school, and A “The harassment of A’s started when I dated A’s close boy.”

The author continued, “At the time, A started to say sexual words to me, saying,’I’m OO’s ex-girlfriend, and how far did I do it with her?'” “A’s words were considered jokes at first and ignored, but after that, I Whenever I pass by, there is a smell, the OO (boyfriend) who passed away said that he was sorry, and he continued to make sexual remarks.”

In addition, A and A’s friends began to inflict violence. “A grabbed my back neck and forced my face to stick out to the window, and then told my boyfriend at the time in the playground,’Oh! Tell me, and since then, rumors about me have spread out of control.”

The author also posted a picture of the middle school graduation album and presented it as proof of being alumni. In particular, the author added “Group name ㅇㅂㄱㄹㅇ” through a comment, and Asha, born in 2000 as a member of Everglow, was designated as a harassment perpetrator.

In this regard, Everglow said on News 1 on the morning of the 23rd, “Currently, we are checking the facts about the contents of the article.”



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