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"It takes a very clear awareness of the players" … Eyraud Garcia savings after "the nightmare" against Andrézieux

Like Dimitri Payet, OM was deeply bogged down in the crisis with its elimination in the Coupe de France against Andrézieux. – JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

  • OM became this Sunday the laughing stock of the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France after being out (2-0) by the amateur club Andrézieux (National 2).
  • Jacques-Henri Eyraud spoke of a "nightmare" match for an OM already eliminated from the three cups this season.
  • Despite a worrying negative spiral (2 victories over the last 13 official matches), the Marseille president assured that Rudi Garcia was not (yet?) Threatened.

How to bog down an endless fall? Defeated in 9 of his last 13 official matches, OM have come
to be eliminated (2-0) this Sunday by the amateur club Andrezieux (National 2) from his entry into the competition in the Coupe de France. A first in its history, if we add this fiasco to the other slaps undergone from the outset in Europa League and Coupe de la Ligue. How can the Marseille, sixth in Ligue 1 at five points on the podium, could they recover from such a negative spiral?

Not surprisingly, there were not many reactions at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. Only player to stop in front of the media, Luiz Gustavo, replaced by half-time by Rudi Garcia this Sunday, was sharp in 30 seconds top time. "We have to be men to face the situation and do everything to respect the club's history," said the Brazilian midfielder. We must forget our egoism and our personal situations. The club is the most important, it is he who pays our salary. "

"I do not intend to relive this evening"

"Very angry," Jacques-Henri Eyraud commented "this very poor evening," including in the locker room, where he had a message to pass after the meeting. "What I saw today is simply unacceptable, it's a nightmare. We must show other values, pride, pride, which I have not seen. I do not want to hear that this group lives well, it's not enough for me anymore, says the president of OM. It now takes a very clear awareness of the players. I want them to take the bull by the horns because I do not intend to relive this evening. The players but also the coach, extended until 2021 end of October, at the beginning of the frightful series in progress?

The technician was in any case supported this Sunday by its president, who answered twice in the negative to a question about his possible dismissal. "Rudi Garcia is the coach I chose and he struggles to find solutions to the problems and lack of performance of the club, says Jacques-Henri Eyraud. We will try to understand all together, leaders and staff. "

"All responsible, me the first obviously"

But the decision on the fate of the former coach of LOSC and AS Roma could fall from the very top, namely Frank McCourt. It is hard to imagine the American owner of the optimistic club given the turn of events at OM, yet finalist of the Europa League seven months ago. This time, Rudi Garcia did not mention arbitration or any other excuse at a press conference.

" It is unacceptable. Bravo Andrézieux, they are in National 2 and they showed what a team that wants and who fights together. We fired 28 times but the opposition goalie was heated up a lot. We knew what to expect and we do not have the excuse of the land at Geoffroy-Guichard. So it's even more serious. We are all responsible for this elimination, I am the first of course. It's hard to live but I will continue to fight for things to change. We have won a lot of games in the past with a virtually identical group. "

"It will change", as after the slap in Montpellier?

A nice demonstration of method Coué of a Rudi Garcia seemingly sure of the rebound of his team: "It will change because we will find solutions. We started to change things, we will continue. We will not be satisfied with words, we will have to act ".

A speech almost similar to his rant after the big defeat (3-0) in Montpellier on November 4th. OM have won only two games out of ten since then and almost nothing has changed, except the identity of the first scorer of the Marseillais in 2019. Namely a currently sixth training of his group National 2 (4th division).


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