It turned out that this became the fate of Ildikó’s beloved trees in Pécs

It was well-known about Ildikó Pécsi that he loves trees and plants, and the garden of his beautiful house in Gödöllő was full of more beautiful greenery. However, the two favorite trees disappeared unexpectedly. Ripost found out what happened!

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Excavators appeared at the House of Arts in Gödöllő on Thursday afternoon, and they began digging the ground. Not by accident! The two adored lily trees of Ildikó Pécsi, who died on December 5 last year, were transplanted there. The ones that have adorned your beautiful garden so far, writes Ripost.

Ripost was curious about the background of the mysterious transposition, so he contacted Csaba L. Péterfi, Ildikó’s adopted son and chief confidant.

Ildikó Pécsi’s two favorite trees came from her garden to the public area of ​​Gödöllő
Photo: Csaba L. Péterfi

“On December 5, the first anniversary of Ildikó’s death, a permanent exhibition will open about her, which is already underway. The inner garden of the House of Arts will be named after Ildiko. That’s why I figured that out

we bring your two favorite lily trees out of your garden. He received one from the city of Gödöllő after the Kossuth Prize, and the second from me for his seventieth birthday. One is now next to the House of Arts, and the other has been moved to the already mentioned inner garden. ”

– started Csaba Ripost, who planted some of the late actress’ favorite plants in her own garden so that Ildikó Pécsi would remember them forever.

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