It turned out whether Krisztián Zámbó and exe, Zsuzsika had reunited

He drove together on the streets of Budapest Krisztián Zámbó and exe, Zsuzsika. Videos of this were both uploaded to their 24-hour Instagram story.

Krisztián Zámbó and exe drove together on the streets of BudapestPhoto: Instagram

Although the singer had previously stated that their breakup was final, several questions were raised after the recordings: is there still a way back for them?

Then I’d clarify! We are not together and yes, we will meet Krisztián Zámbó responded in a comment on the community page.

“We are not fighting and not a single forint of this. I wouldn’t tell anyone what’s up with me or Zsuzsika! What we don’t quarrel, we just felt our plans for the future were different! There was no woman or man in it. ” The singer clarified.

He added that they were fine with Zsuzsika, but that’s all, nothing more.