It turns out that 2 KPK Leaders to Replace Lili, Jokowi’s Choice, used to have 0 votes in the DPR


Two names of KPK leadership candidates are ready to replace Lili Pintauli Siregar, who resigned. However, it turned out that the two KPK chiefs had previously received zero votes in the DPR.

The two people proposed by Jokowi are I Nyoman Wara and Johanis Tanak. Jokowi is known to have proposed these two names to replace Lili Pintauli to the DPR.

Lili Pintauli Siregar is known to have resigned from the KPK commissioner seat in the midst of a vortex of controversy over alleged ethical violations. The chairman of the KPK Supervisory Board, Tumpak H Panggabean, said that the replacement of Lili was in the hands of President Jokowi. The rules are stated in Law Number 19 of 2019 concerning the KPK.



I Nyoman Wara and Johanis Tanak turned out to have received zero votes during the determination of the KPK leadership on September 13, 2019 by Commission III of the DPR. The determination is made through a voting or voting mechanism.

At that time, the members of Commission III put the ballot papers into the box provided in the middle of the meeting. Then, the counting process begins.

There were three people who got zero votes in the ballot. Two of them are Johanis and I Nyoman Wara. The following are the results of the voting in Commission III of the DPR in 2019:

– Alexander Marwata 53 votes
– Firli Bahuri 56 votes
– Johanis Tanak 0 votes
– Luthfi Jayadi Kurniawan 7 votes
– Roby Arya Brata 0 votes
– Lili Pintauli Siregar 44 votes
– Nurul Ghufron 51 votes
– Sigit Danang Joyo 19 votes
– Nawawi Pomolango 50 votes
– I Nyoman Wara 0 votes

“With this, we have netted five, Nawawi, Lili Pintauli, Nurul Ghufron, Alexander Marwata, and Firli Bahuri,” said Chairman of Commission III of the DPR who chaired the meeting, Azis Syamsuddin, Friday (9/13/2019).

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