It turns out that Hasan-Husen was hit by a Moge in front of his school while crossing the Zebra Cross, this is what the principal said – Hasan and Husen, 8-year-old twins died after being hit by a Harley Davidson motorcycle on Saturday (12/3/2022) afternoon at around 13.15 WIB.

It turned out that the two brothers were hit by a motorbike in front of their school while crossing at the zebra cross.

The principal of SD Negeri 3 Tunggilis, Nur Hasanah, said Hasan and Husen were his students.

Before the incident, the two children went home to play and preparations will go to recite.

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According to Nur Hasanah, Hasan and Husen were disciplined by crossing the road at the zebra crossing in front of the school.

So when they will cross, they will walk from the house and pass the zebra cross.

“Then why did it happen in front of the school? Even though the house is quite far away, the child is always disciplined to cross the zebra cross in front of the school,” he said when met in the classroom where the late two twin boys studied, Monday (14/3/2022) morning.

Nur hopes that in front of the school there is a school safe zone and before entering the school zone, there are signs of attention for motorists.

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“So, this road is like a toll road from Banjar, there is a turn from the direction of Pangandaran there is a turn and here the road is straight. So, let alone big motorbikes, small motorbikes can also be seen here, no one goes slowly. Because the road is like a road toll,” he said.

He said Hasan and Husen knew where to cross and that almost all children were always crossing at the zebra cross.

“So, don’t cross randomly,” said Nur.

As a teacher, he admits to feeling deep sadness.

“I’m from the school, I really feel the loss of a very tragic incident like this. Don’t let there be another accident, minimized here, there is a safe zone,” he said.

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Procurement warning light

Tribun Jabar / Padna Two big motorbikes that hit two twin boys in Pangandaran to death.

The case has come to the attention of the Pangandaran Regency Government.

The head of the Pangandaran Regency Transportation Service, Irwansyah, said that his party had received an order from the Pangandaran Regent to immediately conduct a study for roads that have the potential for accidents.

“Moreover, on the national road where the accident occurred that killed two people. The road is straight, where four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles often go fast,” he told reporters, Monday (14/3/2022).

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In addition to the study, he said, his party has also submitted assistance to the West Java Provincial Transportation Service for the 2022 budget year for procurement in the form of warning light (signal lights) as many as 30 units to be installed in accident-prone lanes.

“Hopefully, a suggestion of help warning light can be realized by the provincial government and signs can be installed immediately. Including at the location of the fatal accident on the National Road of Tunggulis Village yesterday,” he said.

Besides warning lighthis party has also installed traffic light at the crossroads of the national road in Parigi.

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“We are submitting another 3 pieces traffic light which will later be installed at Perempatan Cikembulan, Nusawiru Cijulang and the front intersection of Polsek Cimerak, “said Irwansyah.

He said the three locations planned for the installation are an intersection that has the potential to be prone to traffic accidents.

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