It turns out that István Csiszár will spend his 10 million prize money

A fire broke out in their home

The proud wife has spent the past three weeks with their baby away from home. As a he was the first to write that a fire broke out in their house because of a tired wire, which was why they had to travel to Sopron with their mother.

“It was hard that Stephen didn’t leave us for the performances, and that he didn’t come home to us. It was hard that I couldn’t physically support it. It was a long time that we spent three weeks separately, but the point is that everything went well. ” Said Bettina, of whom I will be her husband in the Star! during his broadcasts and at the moment of the award ceremony, he spoke with deep respect and immeasurable love, thanking him for his support.

They are inseparable from Bettina

According to the young woman, exceptional, pure love is theirs, which was born out of almost nothing.

“We met in 2015, Csiszi came to work in the theater where I was a dancer. We didn’t feel anything for each other at first, but it could also be that only my eyes were closed. Then somehow love came out of nowhere, with a volcanic explosion, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He was touched by his words on the show, but our relationship is really like that. Unfortunately, in today’s world it is becoming less and less common, but love, respect, friendship and passion are not gone between the two of us. ” – flooded Bettina, who in January this year said the blissful yes I will be a star in the Star! however, the lag could not take place due to the padnemia. Now that István Csiszár has become richer by HUF 10 million, this will happen soon, but it has been revealed to Bors that there are other things that the singer wants to achieve.

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“The prize will have a place with us, as our house will have to be put in order due to the fire, but maybe we will be able to organize a bigger lagzi.” Bettina said, then her husband took the floor for a moment.

He would also go into an incubator

“I want to pay back a little to the universe and donate a portion of my winnings to charity. Recently, Facebook tossed that they were being collected for an incubator in one of the children’s hospitals in my hometown, Miskolc. I will check it out and if the collection is still going on, I will support them or others with the amount agreed with my wife. The whole world is about balance and I love to give, I love to help others ” – closed István Csiszár, about whom we will certainly hear a lot after that