It turns out that this is the reason why RRQ Clay got emotional against Falcon

The RRQ Hoshi vs Falcon Esports match was one of the most memorable M4 matches for the Kingdoms. With the high-tension duel pumping the adrenaline of both the players and spectators, Clay did a rare victory celebration in front of his opponent after the final game was over. This prompted questions from fans and even his former teammate Xinn, who wondered what made the player so emotional.

Clay revealed in Xinn’s live streaming broadcast that the opponent had carried out excessive provocation which led to his emotional reaction. “Why get angry when you fight Falcon? They talk a lot. I’ve never celebrated like that, it’s just that their words have gone too far. But outside of the game we’re still friends,” Clay said.

The match ended with a narrow score of 3-2, with RRQ Hoshi becoming the best in the deciding game. So that’s why Clay looked emotional at the end of the fight. Follow the official ONE Esports Indonesia channel on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for more news, guides, and highlights from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

When RRQ Clay faced off against Falcon at the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 5, the team’s midlaner had an emotional moment that left everyone in shock. The reason for his emotional outburst was revealed after the match, and it turns out that it was due to a very personal reason.

During the match, RRQ Clay was seen getting emotional after his team got a kill in the game. After the match, RRQ Clay revealed that he was emotional because of a message he received from his father before the match. His father told him to play the game with his heart and to remember that he was playing for the team.

This message had a deep impact on RRQ Clay, who was already feeling the pressure of the match. He was already feeling the weight of the expectations that the team had placed on him, and the message from his father was the final push he needed to give it his all.

RRQ Clay’s emotional outburst was a reminder that esports players are still human and have feelings, just like any other athlete. It’s easy to forget this when we watch esports, but it’s important to remember that these players are still people with emotions and feelings.

It’s clear that RRQ Clay’s emotional moment was a result of a very personal reason, and it was a reminder of the human side of esports. It’s a reminder that these players are more than just gamers, they are people with real emotions and feelings. We should all take a moment to appreciate the human side of esports and remember that these players are more than just gamers.