“It was a festival of burned cars”: why the Mirail district in Toulouse flares up


Incidents between young people in the neighborhood and the police broke out Sunday night in Toulouse. They continued in the night from Monday to Tuesday. In total, eighteen people were arrested and twenty-five cars burned. On arriving at work, the burning smell took Sabrina’s nose. “Fifty meters away, u barricade burned a few hours ago “, tells this resident of Mirail in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). This popular area of ​​the Pink City was once again the scene of incidents on the night of Monday, April 16 to Tuesday, April 17. Cars burned, thrown stones, clashes with the police … Eighteen people were arrested, mostly young people. But the causes of this sudden rise in violence remain unclear. Franceinfo summarizes what we know. What’s happening at Mirail? Located southwest of Toulouse, the popular district of Mirail is once again in the heart of urban violence that last two days now. The incidents affect the Reynerie and Bellefontaine, but also La Faourette and Bagatelle on the other side of the ring, all classified as a priority security zone (ZSP). It all starts on the evening of Sunday, April 15th. “Many vehicles were burned” , reports France 3 . Eleven, according to the departmental direction of public security (DDSP) of Haute-Garonne. A The police station is also targeted, as are police vehicles. That evening, a hundred people clashed with the police for several hours. The next day, Monday, April 16th, rebelote. Again incidents break out, always in the same place, and always in the evening. According to the police, mortar fire is being fired from the street apartments. The police replicate with grenades and tear gas bombs. A barricade in flames long barrel Street Paul Gauguin. ” There are still traces on the ground, describes a resident at franceinfo. It was a festival of burned cars. ” In its columns, The Dispatch of the Midi recalls “a game of cat and mouse between young people and police. ” In a statement, the prefect of Haute-Garonne condemns “with the utmost firmness those acts of violence which lead to the destruction of private property and endanger human lives.” Following the incidents of that night at #Mirail , @PrefetOccitanie Welcomes the action of the police forces, which has made it possible to contain the incidents and restore calm despite hostile and violent actions and calls for an end to a return to calm so that these violent actions cease pic.twitter.com/WW44xjt4UF – Prefect of Occitanie and Haute-Garonne region (@PrefetOccitanie) April 17, 2018 No injuries are to be deplored, said the prefecture. But the material damage is important. To date, eighteen people have been arrested for “acts of violence, destruction of property by fire and contempt”. Young people from the district essentially, report to franceinfo the union Unit SGP Police-FO. A total of 25 vehicles were burned, according to these unions. What is the origin of this violence? On this point, the versions diverge. According to the Toulouse police, the tension in the neighborhood is linked to the control of a woman wearing a niqab, Sunday, April 15 in the afternoon. She reportedly refused to submit to police checks, reports France 3 . The violence may also have begun after the suicide of a 26-year-old prisoner from the Reynerie. He was found hanged, Saturday, April 14, in his cell of the disciplinary district of the prison of Seysses (near Toulouse). The Toulouse public prosecutor’s office confirms the suicide of this prisoner, placed in solitary confinement after assaulting and threatening to kill a supervisor. He was in custody for a criminal case in another department. “The rumor relayed by the rioters says he was killed by prison guards” , thinks he knows France Blue. “This is what we still read today on social networks” , slip to franceinfo Sébastien Pelissier, s deputy departmental secretary for the Haute-Garonne union Alliance. Young people think that this detainee was beaten by the mates. Sébastien Pelissier, deputy secretary for the Haute-Garonne union Alliance at franceinfo His death also angered a hundred other inmates who refused for several hours to reinstate their cells. For its part, the union Unit SGP Police-FO “hear these explanations.” But for Didier Martinez, the regional secretary, “everything is linked to a more general tense context.” “The district of Mirail is in mission of reconquest republican , he explains to Franceinfo. Colleagues have carried out extensive operations in recent weeks, resulting in large drug seizures, as well as arrests. ” These police operations have inevitably destabilized the neighborhood’s underground economy. Didier Martinez, regional union secretary Unit SGP-FO Police at franceinfo Should we fear further violence? For the union SGP-FO Unit, “the atmosphere is not yet settled on the spot.” For its part, Alliance imagines “a return to calm rather quickly.” As a precaution, the device consisting of a hundred men is maintained. Fearing new incidents, the prefecture of Haute-Garonne took an order prohibiting the sale and transportation of fuel at retail . The Mirail district, known for its drug trafficking and settling of scores, was selected by the government for a experimenting with the daily security police (PSQ). “I’m on the ground every day, I do not feel scared , loose Sabrina. In any case, not for the moment. For all that, I do not hang around after 18 hours. ” Read also Related topics


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