It was after this season?: Matthew is counting on Favre in spite of everything

Lothar Matthaus remains the same: For him, Dortmund’s coach Favre has been the longest period of time at BVB – although the Executive has known clearly to the Swiss. The record-national player remains at his tip, who could be his successor.

Football-record national player Lothar Matthäus believes, in spite of the unctuous words of the chief days from Borussia Dortmund at the address of coach Lucien Favre of a speedy separation. “When I think about his reaction after the game again before our eyes, I’ll stay with my original impulse. I don’t think Favre is sitting in the next season on the BVB bench. The statement, ‘I will speak of this in a couple of weeks’, I interpret continue to be so, that it is seething in him,” wrote the Sky-an expert in his column “As I see it”.

According to Matthew will not be supported in Dortmund after a certain time the coach of the top and to the public strengthened, as it would be needed. “The last one to get this appreciation openly, honestly and regularly, was Jürgen Klopp. Since Jürgen is gone, longs for you in Dortmund-like a Klopp clone. And it’s just not there,” said Matthew. The 59-Year-old Favre estimates “so that it is a totally consistent person, if he is convinced that there is a way to end. And my feeling tells me that this point is reached for him in Dortmund.”

More Matthew noted, Favre’s cautious statement last Tuesday at the League summit against Bayern Munich (0:1) cost of the BVB “in the end, perhaps the title”. Favre will not repeat “the Big Points, which are needed to make Bayern the championship seriously in dispute.” Matthew had because of his pithy conjecture of preliminary decision to the corners of the Dortmund defeat (“Favre way, Niko Kovac”), is a lot of criticism on the part of the BVB once, Favre referred to the remarks of the world-captain of 1990 as a “really incredible and for me not acceptable”.

For Matthew Kovac is a realistic Option at BVB. “It is known that Dortmund have been looking for in the Winter, the conversation with Niko. I can only speculate whether they would have acted in the case of a pledge of Niko immediately or whether they wanted to explore be of General interest to a commitment to the future,” wrote Matthew, appreciates the former Bayern Coach: “He is only 48 years old, but has already a lot of experience as a Trainer. He has coached in Croatia, Frankfurt and Bayern. And now he has to show for it quite a bit.”


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