In November, the association MonRevenuDeBase launched a crowdfunding campaign to donate basic income to people drawn by lot. Three people were assigned basic income for one year.

[Mis à jour le 7 décembre 2017 à 10h41] What would you do with basic income? Will you still be working? Would you eat better Or would you resume studies? It is precisely to try to answer these questions that the association MonRevenuDeBase, created by Julien Bayou, the spokesperson for Europe-Ecology-The-Greens (EELV), launched at the beginning of November the first experiment national citizen on the subject.

The idea? Offer an income of 1 000 euros monthly for one year to a person of full age drawn by lot, without age or income conditions. For this, the association launched a crowdfunding campaign in November 2017. “Each time we collect 12,000 euros, we will redistribute them by designating by lot a person who has registered on the site, and who will receive 1,000 euros per month for a year, without compensation, “says the association, on its website. On the day of the draw, nearly 80,000 people registered for the operation, “more than one in 500 people in France,” said the association. Lthe fundraising campaign has already raised more than 36,000 euros, or three basic annual incomes.

The stated objective of the operation : relaunch the debate on universal income in France. Even more, to silence the a priori. Often criticized, on the right as on the left, the establishment of a basic income is generally considered impossible or too expensive … It would even generate a society of lazy and lazy. “Let’s sweep away the ideas! Basic income is a necessity, not a whim“, proclaims MonRevenuDeBase. The association aims to demonstrate the human, societal and economic benefits of a universal income. This is why it organizes scientific monitoring of its experimentation.

According to the first results of the study conducted by Suzanne Bellue, director of the association’s scientific committee and researcher at J-PAL, a poverty research laboratory specializing in the evaluation of social policies, out of the 80,000 participants, a majority of them are young working people. The average age is 37, with 54% women. The association also collected testimonies from nearly 37,000 registered members. “Pay my bills”, “improve the living conditions of my home”, “live with dignity” … Confessions are diverse but many go in the same direction. A large majority of registrants who responded to this survey would see this basic income as a means of make life choices.

Basic, universal or subsistence income, as it is called, “is income paid by a political community to all of its members”, specifies MonRevenuDeBase. The association defines it as being universal (everyone receives it, whatever their situation), individual (it is paid to all members of the household), cumulative (with other sources of income) and permanent (it is paid from birth to death).

Everyone would therefore be entitled to it: students, employees, unemployed, retirees, etc. Long considered to be utopian, this concept was recently invited to public debate, especially during the presidential election, under the impetus of Benoît Hamon’s project. “Today, we want to go further by concretely experimenting with the implementation of such an income,” Julien Bayou told BFMTV, when the operation was launched.

The draw was held Wednesday December 6 in Paris in the evening. Three people were thus allocated a basic income of 1,000 euros per month for a full year. The prize pool has already been relaunched and it will soon be possible to register for the next draws. Note also that it is possible to support the operation with a donation, even without participating in the draw. This donation naturally entitles you to a tax reduction of up to 66% of the amounts paid.

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