“It was dripping blood that was a…

The stabbing of two young people in Verín this Thursday surprised the residents of the town and alarmed those who were in the area of ​​the event. One of the neighbors who witnessed the attack of a minor on two young people highlighted the amount of blood that was on the street. “It was dripping with blood that was crazy; How much blood! That was not normal!” he told The Region.

The brawl, which left two young people injured, took place at the intersection of Irmáns Fernández Álvarez street with Amaro Refojo street. At the time of the event, a Civil Guard patrol was passing through the area, which notified the Emergencies. Health personnel also traveled there, who later transferred the injured to the Verín hospital.

“It was crazy, I didn’t leave the store because he gave me a lot of respect, I don’t know how these things can happen like this”, told a neighbor in the area. Even so, there were many who came to the place and all agreed that “there was moita sangue”.

The increase in crime in the area is causing discomfort among the neighbors. “I think this is the bread of every day, if it’s not a stabbing it’s a robbery or a fight at night, people don’t measure up and these things are not normal”, lamented a vecino after what happened. Another highlighted the age of those involved in what happened these days. “The worst thing is that it is xente moi nova”,