“It was more valuable than my first seven fights together.” British boxer pays high praise to sparring with Deer – Martial Arts – Apollo.lv – Sports

30-year-old Bilems-Smith spent two weeks in Riga in February of this year, during which he trained with the famous Latvian boxer. Brit had a chance to get to know the deer’s abilities thoroughly, as both boxers spent a total of 30 rounds in sparring sessions.

“I learned so much. He proved himself at the highest level and made Usik probably the hardest fight of his career. He’s a tough guy and made me work hard. I had to adapt and think a lot during the sparring. I really feel like it in two weeks. as a boxer got better, “said the british.

Blemm-Smith acknowledged that the sparring sessions were as valuable as the first seven duels of his career combined: “It was like gaining experience from another fight because you’re in a foreign country and working hard. I think it was more valuable than my first seven fights together. It was a great experience. I really had to look for the right moments to take the blows. “

The boxer added that fans of the sparring sessions with Briedi will be able to see already on August 7, when he will meet with his compatriot Neitan Tortley, who has not yet won 14 battles of his career.

During his career, Blemm-Smith has won nine battles in 10 battles, one failure.

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