It was revealed that Dorado knocked down Ma Ning because he was dissatisfied with the penalty and committed the crime with a high probability of being severely punished – yqqlm

Original title: It was revealed that Dorado knocked down Ma Ning because of dissatisfaction with the penalty and the high probability of committing the crime was severely punished

In the first half of the match between Wuhan Changjiang and Henan Songshan Longmen in the 14th round of the Chinese Super League on the evening of August 21, after the Songshan Longmen team foreign aid Dorado will be knocked down by the referee on duty, Ma Ning was sent off by the latter. This incident is shocking, but also has a relatively bad impact inside and outside the football industry.

The reason why Dorado’s actions are surprising is not only because he directly violated the referee on duty, but also because such actions may cause huge bodily harm to the unsuspecting victim. In addition, before the game, the Chinese Football Association, the preparatory group of the Chinese Football Federation, and the sports management department, which are the organizers of the game, have held special meetings for many times, emphasizing the maintenance of game style and discipline, and cracking down on various disciplinary violations and ugly elements inside and outside the football field.

It is understood that after the leaders of the Chinese Super League, Chinese League One and Chinese League Two clubs were held on the 19th to hold a work conference on game style and discipline, the Chinese Football Association organized the “National “National Football Association” three days later (on the 22nd) through a combination of online and offline methods. The Football Industry Game Discipline and Anti-Doping Work Conference”. More than 300 people from the industry attended the conference, including the heads of clubs in the domestic men’s professional football tier 3 league, the heads of women’s football clubs (teams), and the heads of local member associations. Since the notice of the meeting was released as early as late last week, all Chinese Super League clubs, including Songshan Longmen Club, have felt the difference in the industry’s work to rectify the game style and discipline before the 14th round of the league. Ordinary and important. Dorado’s violation of discipline at this juncture is tantamount to “hitting the gun.”

Judging from the information from the event organizers, it is inevitable that Dorado will be severely punished. It should be noted that the so-called “heavy weight” must also be defined in strict accordance with regulations. After the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association starts the incident investigation process, it will make a factual and qualitative investigation of Dorado’s behavior based on the reports of on-field match officials such as Ma Ning, match supervisors, referee supervisors and other on-site match officials, as well as video information and other evidence materials. identified. A “hearing” was then held to review the case.Generally speaking, as a party, Dorado will participate in the “hearing” whether online or offline. Judging from the current situation, the fact that Dorado violated discipline has become clearer. As for Dorado’s motive for attacking Ma Ning, the investigators initially learned that the reason is likely that the foreign striker was dissatisfied with the latter’s penalty.

But in any case, from the rules, Dorado has constituted a serious violation, and it is inevitable that his behavior will be characterized as “violent behavior”. Article 54 of the 2022 edition of the Disciplinary Guidelines of the Chinese Football Association stipulates: “A person who is given a direct red card for misconduct by a match official may, according to the circumstances and impact, be given additional penalties for the following acts on the basis of automatic suspension of the red card. : Violent acts (elbow, boxing, kicking, etc.) shall be suspended for at least 6 months or prohibited from entering the bench or the stadium (galleries) for 6 months, and shall be fined at least 100,000 yuan.”

Article 48 of the “Guidelines” also provides a more detailed description of the specific circumstances in which “heavier punishment” applies. For example, “the violation of regulations and disciplines occurred when the game was stopped or without the ball”, “can” be severely punished; and “the circumstances are bad, have bad social impact, and cause serious consequences”, “should” be severely punished. Judging from the situation reflected in the video and other evidence materials, the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association can completely pursue Dorado against the above rules. (Text/Xiao Zhen from Beiqing Sports)Return to Sohu, see more


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