“It was shown that it was unmanageable”

The president of Evópoli and former Minister of Transport of the second government of Sebastián Piñera, Gloria Hutt, referred to the dialogue that the political parties maintain before the continuity of the constituent process.

The civil engineer pointed out in CNN Chile Express News as “one of the problems” the fact that the pro-government proposal had 99 members —compared to the 50 suggested by Chile Vamos—, well “Added to the reserved seats and specialists, we are reaching numbers quite similar to what was the previous Convention and it was shown that it was unmanageable“.

However, he also highlighted the positive aspects: “We must appreciate that the proposal submitted by the ruling party is very detailed, very structured, so that also facilitates the conversation and the identification of points on which we can move forward.” The former minister also agreed with Diego Schalper’s statements regarding “not entrenching”: “I think that no one has entrenched themselves here, from either side. That has also added to moving forward; but, certainly, we cannot get close to the number of what was the previous convention because it has been shown that it does not work.