it was the shock seven months later, “and then, you know, for your kidney…”

“Everything happens for a reason,” writes Colleen, who shares her story on TikTok. In a video, whose views now exceed 15.8 million, the 30-year-old explains that she donated a kidney to save the life of her boyfriend, who has suffered from kidney failure since the age of 17. Unfortunately for her, everything went wrong seven months later.

“Giving him this gift made me love him even more than I had before the surgery,” she recalls. At the time, aged 25, she made this decision “because I did not want to see him die”. Done, the life of his companion has become “normal”. He even got to attend a friend’s bachelor party in Las Vegas seven months later, where he cheated on Colleen.

The young woman then decided to give him a second chance. Three months later, she probably didn’t expect him to leave her via a phone call. “If we are made for each other, we will find each other. And then, you know, for your kidney, you did it for yourself, for your good conscience and for your image, ”he told her, before blocking her and never giving her a sign of life again. .

Today, Colleen has found love again. However, we do not know what has become of his ex-companion and whether or not he regrets his remarks…