it was very lively between Kompany and Vercauteren

Posted on social networks a few hours after the very bad match played by the Anderlechtois in Mechelen, the image of Michel Vlap’s happiness sailing in his native Friesland is misleading. The Mauves have just lived a tense week with in particular a Frankie Vercauteren particularly nervous and irritated, according to many testimonies coming from Neerpede. Would the draw with the taste of defeat conceded in Malinese land have been the straw that overflowed the camel’s back? It was in any case lively at the start of the week between Vincent Kompany and Frankie Vercauteren, the latter having left the training center prematurely on Monday after the friendly against Lommel (3-0) once again coached by the former. Last Sunday, although forfeited, Kompany had also encouraged the group and given advice to young people from the catacombs of AFAS Stadion. “This is endorsed by Frankie,” says Neerpede.

►► Here is the position of the management after the sharing of Mauves in Mechelen.

►► Mykhailichenko and Trebel expected in the eleven? The latest information.


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