“It went straight from RCN to Caracol,” they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a program

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol.” That’s what they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a show.

The Colombian singer is one of the most talked about in the country.

Many love her, others not so much, but the truth is that she is always giving something to talk about.

During this year the famous has been a trend on several occasions, and all thanks to its participation in MasterChef, reality by RCN.

Viewers thought at the time that he would reach the final, however, he did not convince the jurors with a liver.

And now it is the center of comments again, but for another reason.

Marbelle appeared this Monday in Day to day, of Caracol, which surprised the spectators.

And it is that, according to some of them, it was a short time before it reached “the competition”.

Of course, several fans came to her defense, assuring that the singer only had a contract with RCN during her participation in the cooking reality show, but that after that she could do whatever she wanted.

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol”, they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a program

Also, it must be said that the famous was on the show promoting her music and recent songs.

In fact, the singer was talking about the success of Addicted to pain one of his latest releases.

And it is that the song has been quite commented and reproduced on the platforms of streaming. In addition, the artist was presenting the song on the show, and some viewers commented that they were singing it from their homes.

“What a beautiful song. The truth is, I have cried a lot with her ”,“ You make Colombian women feel proud of our roots ”and“ They should invite her to sing more often ”, were some comments that the artist had on the program’s social networks.