“It will be a hot October, Italy is compact against the crisis” –

from Gian Guido Vecchi, sent to Bologna

The cardinal: I will seek a dialogue with Draghi, we will do serious work on the abuses. Premier melons? There is no foreclosure, the Church will be careful to defend its ideas with everyone

He offers a coffee and goes to prepare it in the kitchen. She goes through the drawers for cookies for the guests. Archbishop’s Palace, third floor, from the peristyle you can see the cathedral of San Pietro. Cardinal Matteo Zuppi
he chose to live elsewhere, in the clergy house for the elderly priests, this was Lercaro’s home, but the disposition remained that of Biffi, his books are still there, he smiles. Other times. Sometimes there is also an obsolete reading of the Church. They asked me: are you progressive? But I hope to be a Christian. And some conservatives, in quotation marks, are far more progressive than progressives who are not at all. his first interview as president of the CEI, in the study he answers the questions of the main Italian newspapers. Now every word weighs more, he jokes: Sometimes it comes to mind The poisoned by Guccini !.

Your Eminence, the political forces are fragmented, the government risks, an autumn of economic crisis is announced. Did you have a chance to speak with Draghi?
Not yet. But of course we will seek an interview with the Prime Minister. I believe it is a decisive moment for everyone, the country and Europe. We have lost the previous future, often we only think about the present. The pandemic and the war reveal the fragility of many balances that were believed to be taken for granted, and ask us to look to the future. It will be a hot October, crises can become dangerous. At a conference I heard: how do we do it, a 5-year plan with decades of corruption, evasion, bureaucracy behind it… There is a need for great compactness, awareness and transversal effort for the common good. The challenge of all is to rebuild the community, to speak among others.

In 2023 there will be a vote …
We hope there is not a year of electoral campaign, and that the right differences of vision take into account the need for a united commitment. an Italian and European effort is needed to go beyond the contingent. This is the real request of those who live in suffering and poverty, six million people, one in ten, a situation aggravated by fragility and loneliness. Europe must show the richness of its humanistic tradition to a world it sometimes fails to understand. The beauty of democracy is not taken for granted.

Meloni could be the first female prime minister, are there any foreclosures?
The Church has none, the will of the sovereign people. Whatever the interlocutor is, the Church is careful to defend its priorities, the good of persons, the human person at the center. Without any preclusion, with a lot of respect for the differences in role and for this reason always saying with secularity and clarity what worries her.

Are you worried about the split between left and right?
Some mental toponymy are sixty years old, without any ideological references. Even in the Church. In the villages I find out which part the mayor in the end. If it comes to defending the person, we must all do it together. The challenge is to overcome these rifts and work together. Between the parties there are often unjustified intolerances, an electric and harmful climate. The point is to find answers for everyone.

On the war, the Vatican impartial?
The Pope never confused aggressor and attacked, and immediately spoke of “war”. But all wars end in negotiation, even if there is a winner. All channels must be kept open in order to stop the massacre. We are in trench warfare, like in ’14-18, but with ultra-modern technology.

And the sending of weapons?
We need to think about a real commitment to disarmament. Of course, there is a need for self-defense, as long as it is proportionate. But we must invest twice as much in the pursuit of unarmed peace.

Why did the CEI do research on abuse only since 2000?
Because since 2000 we have reliable data, those of the Doctrine of the Faith. Objective data, not statistical projections. On research in France, they sent me three university inquiries that demolish the work of the commission. “Qualitative” means distinguishing the raw numbers, understanding the differences. Let’s do something serious, which hurts us more as far as we are concerned now. It will also help in prevention and in understanding the wider phenomenon in society, if there is no prejudice.

And the Report on the last two years based on data from diocesan listening centers? Why not independent?

But they are independent. In Bologna they are all women, professionals, led by a psychiatrist. And let’s argue, they are absolutely independent.

Do you miss Rome?
But no, I have been in Bologna for almost seven years and it is a city of great hospitality and solidarity, and a laboratory. As for Rome… Go to Milan and understand that a European city, while Rome is a marvel that, if it does not think broadly, with an eye to the future, risks being just a beautiful museum. The PNRR and also the Jubilee can be an opportunity. The city of the bishop who presides in communion can be decisive, a model of coexistence between different people.

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