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“It will be difficult to put in place new restrictions”

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Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke in the 13-hour newspaper of TF1 to detail the terms of application of the health pass, which entered into force this Wednesday in places of culture and leisure welcoming more than 50 people. “In the 4th wave, we are there,” admitted the Prime Minister, while the number of contaminations jumped 140% in one week in the country. He also mentioned potential closings of establishments earlier in order to curb the epidemic in certain departments. For the professor of public health at the Lille University Hospital, Philippe Amouyel, the executive will have difficulty imposing new restrictions on the population at the national level and will have to target its measures.

“We are not at all in the same situation as in the previous waves where we had no other tools than restrictive measures. Now we have the vaccination. The challenge is therefore to make localized restriction. , where the outbreaks are, but above all to have a proactive policy. Thanks to vaccination but also to the health pass, which decreases the circulation of the virus, “he assured in Europe Soir.

Take “targeted” measures

According to him, it is therefore important to take the problem in a targeted way. “There are particularly significant epidemic outbreaks in certain departments and if we let them run, we risk having an early impact on the holidays. As was done in the Landes with reactive vaccination, localized measures must be taken to stem the epidemic, “continued Philippe Amouyel.

This is the first time since the beginning of May that the threshold of 20,000 contaminations per day has been exceeded. The Prime Minister stressed for his part that 96% of infected people identified on Tuesday were not vaccinated. Jean Castex therefore launched “a collective challenge” to the population in order to reach the “eight million vaccines” administered in the next two weeks. From now on, the government’s objective is to reach 50 million first-time vaccines at the end of August, and no longer 40 million, thanks to the opening of 5 million new appointments “within 15 days”.

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