It will be discrimination to prevent the passage of people with guide dogs – El Sol de Hidalgo

Preventing a person with weakness or visual impairment from entering a public or private space with a guide dog will be considered discrimination and therefore may be punished as a crime, as approved unanimously by the members of the Chamber of Deputies of Hidalgo.

The services of these animals are also used by people with motor, visual, hearing disabilities and those with diabetes, epilepsy or autism- they face barriers to free access to public and private places such as government offices, restaurants, supermarkets, transportation, hotels, stocks which obviously completely nullify the exercise of their rights.

In an ordinary session, a reform was approved adding section XXII Bis to article 11 Bis of the Law to Prevent, Address, Punish and Eliminate Discrimination in Hidalgo, with the aim of eliminating discriminatory practices towards users of assistance dogs.

The right of people with disabilities or users of guide dogs or service animals to have unrestricted access to all spaces, public and private, is recognized.

According to the opinion issued, the Mexican Society of Ophthalmology estimates that in Mexico there are two million 237 thousand people with visual impairment and more than 415 thousand 800 people with blindness.

According to the legislators “it is a reality that people with disabilities constantly face all kinds of discrimination through actions or omissions that violate their human rights. An example is people who have visual disabilities and who, in order to be safer, use guide dogs”, which is why they considered it necessary to legislate in this regard.

A guide dog is one that has been specially trained to help a blind or visually impaired person to move to different places both inside their home and on the street.