It will be the bomb of 2022: Real Madrid goes for the Liverpool star

The news has shaken portals around the world. Is that according to information from various British media, the Liverpool has not reached an agreement with the top star of his campus, Mohamed Salah, so he would have decided to put it up for sale in this same pass market. Before the news, the Real Madrid He will come out with all his weapons after the Egyptian token.

Liverpool put Salah up for sale and Real Madrid is after his file.

The negotiations between Salah y Liverpool have been stalled for more than a year, due to the high demands of the Egyptian, who you want to earn £400 a week to affix your signaturean amount the Reds aren’t willing to pay.

According to the British media The Sunthe Liverpool got tired of the situation and put a starting price on Salahlooking to get a slice of his record and not go free in 2023. 70 million euros that the English ask for the Egyptian They do not seem like an insane sum for a footballer who gives guarantees, what complicates Mo’s departure is the hefty salary he wants to receive, an amount that makes him rethink his arrival at any team.

The Real Madrid He received the echoes of the information and got down to business. Continuing with the information from the cited medium, Salah is to the taste of Florentino Prez y Carlo Anceloti, and after the slamming of doors Mbapp y Haaland, the Egyptian will be the perfect player to redeem the Merengueso they will be preparing a mega offer to get their token.

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The FC Barcelona It is another of the clubs that has been asking about the Egyptian for a few months, but the situation would be different. The Cul They will have little salary margin to manage due to the imminent arrival of Lewandowski and the economic problems of the club, so they would only look for the arrival of Salah in 2023 and with the letter of freedom in the hand of the Egyptian.

Until now Mohamed Salah | has not reached an agreement with Liverpool. The English would be willing to part with their top star, with the aim that he does not go free in 2023, and the Real Madrid he gloats over the possibility of breaking the market with the big star he so desires.

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