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It will be visible all night long .. the appearance of the planet of death in the sky today

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Today we are witnessing a special astronomical phenomenon when the planet Pluto, knowndeath planet To the position of meeting the sun and it will be visible all night long in a scene that attracts the attention of all amateur astronomers and those interested in this field, and the National Institute for Astronomical Research has revealed these phenomena.

The National Institute said for astronomical research, We are on dates today, Sunday, July 18, with the planet Pluto, when it will reach its highest point in the sky, around midnight Cairo time, and it is located in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, professor of astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research and former head of the Astronomy Department, confirmed that the planet Pluto will be visible between nine and five minutes in the evening and until three and four minutes from dawn on Monday, when it drops to less than 21 degrees above the southwestern horizon.

The professor of astronomy noted that in order to be able to observe any astronomical phenomenon, such as the conjunctions of the moon with the stars and planets, or the birth of the crescents of the Arab months, it requires a clear atmosphere and the sky is free of clouds, dust and water vapor.

The astronomy professor added that astronomical phenomena do not have any damage to human health or daily activity on Earth.


The presence of Pluto in the opposite position with the sun coincides with the presence of Pluto in its closest approach to the earth, which makes it appear in its greatest brightness. This happens because when Pluto is located opposite the sun in the sky, the earth passes between Pluto and the sun, and thus Pluto and the earth line up on the same side of the sun.

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It is worth noting that the planet Pluto is very far from Earth even in its closest approach to it, and therefore it appears to be nothing more than a star-like bright spot even through a telescope.,

It is known that Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by “Clyde Tombaugh”, at Lowell Observatory in Arizona.

It was common practice to consider Pluto a moon of Neptune, and the similarity between the dimensions of Pluto and Triton (Neptune’s largest moon) supported this idea, until the discovery of Charon, which led to Pluto being considered a planet.

Why is Pluto called the planet of death?

There were many options for naming the planet Pluto at the beginning of its discovery, and due to its discovery at the Lowell Observatory, the eligibility belongs to this observatory in its name. The workers at the Lowell Observatory have received many suggestions for naming the planet, one of these suggestions was the name Pluto, and it was a suggestion from a 12-year-old British girl The girl was fond of myths, and she knows that the word Pluto means (the underworld), according to the legends of the Romans, they believed that the god of the underworld was the god Pluto, which is synonymous with the Greek word (Hades), which means (of unknown origin).

As for the Asian languages ​​- Japanese, Korean and Chinese – it means (the star of the angel of death), and according to the Hindu Vietnamese language, it is another word (yama), which means (the guardian of hell).

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