It will not last two years: iPhone X dies without wire

It will not last two years: iPhone X dies without wire

The wireless charging function from the station, which is present in the models of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, was not so good as it seemed at first glance. Author of the portal ZDNet Adrian Kingsley-Hughes conducted his own research and found an unpleasant pattern: with a wireless charging, the battery of his iPhone wears out faster than when charging with a cable.

Twenty months instead of thirty-six
Kingsley-Hughes began to use wireless charging in September immediately after buying a new iPhone. According to Apple, the iPhone battery retains its original capacity for up to 500 charging cycles – so, with cable charging, the battery could function normally for two to three years.

Nevertheless, since the author of the research began to use wireless technology, the amount of charge of his device has grown dramatically. He estimated that by March, the iPhone had already passed 135 cycles. If earlier all the energy costs were taken up by the cable, now its absence has led to the fact that the battery practically does not “rest” and, as a result, it quickly deteriorates.
Thus, the battery in the iPhone of Kingsley-Hughes is completely worn out for 20 months.
Despite the fact that some charging stations are automatically turned off when the battery reaches 100%, wireless charging is still considered a significant additional load for the smartphone.
With the widespread development of this technology and the addition of a wireless feature to many modern phone models, more and more users are sacrificing the volume of their batteries in favor of convenience. Nevertheless, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes stated that he had already switched to cable and recommended that all active users of smartphones do the same.

After the presentation of new iPhone models in September 2017, experts also wondered whether is harmful wireless charging for new Apple gadgets. Then they came to the conclusion that although the technology itself has no effect on the capacity of the battery, maintaining the charging of the phone at the maximum level really speeds up the process of wear.

Problems with trust
Previously, Apple was already faced with the problem of wear and tear of its batteries, which turned into a real scandal – one of the loudest in the history of the company. Rumors that Apple secretly slows down its old iPhones, suddenly turned out to be true – the company officially recognized that it hid from users the presence of this function. The network literally exploded from the number of angry comments on the company, which, according to iPhone owners,
slowed the batteries intentionally, so that people would rather go to the stores for new, more expensive devices.
“Apple” company in response had to defend itself and choose a defensive position. According to Apple’s official statement, there was no malicious intent to reduce the processor’s performance, and the brand had to take such measures to extend the life of the batteries, which in time can no longer cope with peak loads.

Resonance from this scandal was so strong that Apple decided to replace the batteries with new ones for everyone at a reduced price in their service centers. One of the owners of the iPhone 6s after recording a battery recorded a comparative video , which clearly demonstrates how the performance of his device has changed.
In addition, the new version of iOS will have the opportunity at your own risk and disable the function of deceleration.
“For us, the trust of our customers is the most important, so we will continue to work to preserve it. We do what we love only thanks to your faith and support – we will never forget this and will never take it for granted, “the representative of Apple commented on the situation.

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