It will not open in ten schools on September 1, Plaga claims. Prague directors want clear guidelines on drapes

According to the plan, the new school year is to start on Tuesday in schools. The teaching should be accompanied by strict hygiene rules. Any measures against coronavirus will follow the so-called traffic lights for areas with different risk of infection. Schools should no longer be closed. Some have already announced that they will not open due to the quarantine of the first of September.

“We are still moving to ten schools (which will not open),” said Plaga. According to him, the goal is to keep quarantine measures in schools as small as possible.

According to epidemiologists, Prague got into an orange color at the so-called traffic light, during which the veils should be worn. But the hygienists have not ordered it yet. According to Plaga, the capital is “in the transition phase between green and orange” and the situation is not yet such that the veils are widely introduced.

Ambiguities around veils

Martin Baxa criticizes the ambiguities. He stated that in mid-August, the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) first declared the obligation to wear veils, and after a few days, after canceling with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), he canceled it again. Epidemiologists announced on Friday that Prague had turned orange at the traffic light, but the measures did not accompany it, Baxa mentioned. “There are tens of hours left until the schools open, and the principals do not know,” said the ODS deputy chairman. According to him, the school management, pupils and their parents are in uncertainty.

Plaga admits that the announcement of wearing veils was incomprehensible. He called it “minor confusion, perhaps major confusion.” He added that the school manual, however, sets out clear guidelines on how to prevent infection. Regional hygienic stations decide on measures according to the situation in the regions. The minister said he hoped they would proceed predictably.

According to the head of the Association of Primary School Principals Michal Černý, the management of Prague schools has not yet received any information from hygienists as to whether and how masks should be used in school premises. The association is asking for clear guidelines on Monday. Black noted that not everyone has time to watch “any press conference.”

“We cannot wait for a decision to be made in five minutes on the first of September. We need the regional hygiene station to say clearly: Veils must be, veils do not have to be. The sooner Prague hygiene is expressed, the sooner we will be clear, “said Černý. As the school principal, he published and sent a message to the parents on the school website to give the veils to the children at school. Schoolchildren will have them ready in case they have to start wearing them.



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