It will put into operation three reconstructed sections on the D1, the whole of which will be repaired in a year

“At the beginning of October, another 10 kilometers of the D1 motorway will be completed, bringing the total to 100 finished kilometers out of a total of 161 between Mirošovice and Kývalka. Specifically, the restrictions on the Soutice-Loket section between the 56th and 66th kilometers will disappear, “says the Ministry of Transport.

The entire modernization of the D1 is to be completed next autumn.

“In October, the first restrictions will disappear, and the builders will gradually remove others at the end of November before the winter break. For me, it is essential that next autumn, the entire D1 will be ready, passable without the major restrictions we are experiencing these days, “said Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

The map shows the progress of work on the highway.

According to him, three modernized sections with a total length of 29.5 kilometers will be put into operation this year, in 2021 the remaining 41.5 kilometers will be opened and the D1 motorway between Mirošovice and Kývalka will be completely renovated for 161 kilometers.

The modernization of the D1 began in 2013. The sections between Prague and Brno were put into operation during the 1970s, and even the newest sections have been in operation for over 30 years and are therefore already at the end of their planned service life. Some highway buildings (such as bridges) were built in the 1930s.

“The goal of the finishing work on the D1 is a modern motorway that meets all current European requirements for smoothness and safety of traffic, not just a road repair. The motorway is completely designed according to the regulations in force in the 1970s, which does not meet the current requirements of the applicable technical standards. We have a ten-year warranty from the suppliers for the selected cement concrete cover technology and it should last 30 years without major repairs, “added the Ministry of Transport.

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