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Italian media speculate after Hamilton’s comment: “Vettel to Mercedes?”

by archyw

Was it a ‘slip of the tongue‘? Was it just a tease from Lewis Hamilton? The latter seems most likely, because the comment that he does not know whether he will still be there next year was accompanied by a laugh. However, that cannot prevent the largest Italian sports newspaper, The Gazzetta dello Sport has started speculating.

“Hamilton’s statement should not be ignored, certainly not at the moment. Perhaps now is the time to start the contract negotiations,” said the publication, which also immediately reflects on who will be in the next year. Mercedes would get stuck.

Everyone will mention the name of Max Verstappen, but he is already under contract with Red Bull and cannot leave until 2022 at the earliest. Who knows, Sebastian Vettel may take the seat from Hamilton. He can switch from Aston Martin to Mercedes a bit easier. “

Looking at the how and why of a possible departure, the newspaper thinks of money: “That must almost be the problem, because next year’s Mercedes will just be a top car again. Of course it is all still speculation, but Mercedes must be careful not to end up in the same position as with Nico Rosberg a few years ago. “

“Is he actually going to stop?” Republic wondering out loud. The newspaper looks and listens to the words of Toto Wolff to conclude that things will not go that fast. “He is concerned about other things. He thinks there will be a big battle between Mercedes and Honda in 2021.”


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