Italian motorists will now have to equip their car with a baby anti-forget device


This device is made mandatory in Italy from Thursday on pain of a fine ranging from 81 to 326 euros and the withdrawal of five points on the driver's license.

The World with AFP Posted today at 12h20

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New transalpine legislation now requires parents, grandparents and caregivers to install an alarm mechanism on car seats for children under the age of four to avoid forgetting toddlers when the driver gets out of the vehicle . This anti-forgetful device for children is made mandatory in Italy from Thursday, November 7 under pain of a heavy fine and the withdrawal of points on the license, announced the Ministry of Transport.

The device «Must be activated automatically and must be equipped with an alarm to warn the driver of the presence of the child through acoustic or visual signals with a vibrator, perceptible inside and outside the vehicle». They may also be equipped with systems for automatically sending SMS or WhatsApp type messages or telephone calls.

The ministry, which has planned a € 30 aid for the purchase of each aircraft, said that motorists carrying children and who will not have the mechanism will commit a violation of the rules of the road. It may be punished by a fine ranging from 81 to 326 euros and the withdrawal of five points on the driving license. Several equipment of this type connected to the driver's ignition key have existed for five or six years in Italy, following tragic forgetfulness of babies sleeping in cars during the heat wave.


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