A italian town unveiled a tempting offer for those who want to go live there.

According to what was reported by CNN, is about Santo Stefano di Sessanio, a idyllic medieval village located on top of a hill.

According to current figures, in place 115 people live. Half of them are retired and children under 13 are not over 20.

This is why the authorities have created a plan to repopulate the place. For that, offer up to US $ 9,500 per month for those who want to go live.

Further, They will be eligible for a subsidy of almost US $ 24,000 to start a business in the area. Also, they can rent a home by paying a symbolic lease.

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But not everyone can move to this town, since you must first meet some requirements.

The first is that You must be an Italian or European Union citizen. Also, you must live in an area far from this place.

Regarding age, those who want to go must have between 18 and 40 years old, since the aim is to have more young people.

By last, you must stay at least 5 years in the village.


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