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Italian stock market today, Milan rising. Down the spread – Economy

Milan, 13 February 2019 – Positive week for the bag Italian. After the favorable day yesterday (and the even wider sprint of Monday) today Milan it still advances. The index Ftse Mib of Piazza Affari marks a rise of the 0.93% at 19.989 points closing (opening at + 0.31%). On the heels of the positive terrain of Wall StreetDow Jones opens at + 0.40% – the other European squares: London scores a + 0.81%, Paris + 0.35% e Frankfurt + 0.37%. Only exception Madrid (-0.01%). spread between Btp and German bunds closes down a 266 points with the Italian 10-year yield at 2.78%.

The asset management companies run on the main basket, thanks also to the good start of the stock exchanges in 2019: rises above 4% for Azimuth is Bank General, while close to + 5% Fineco. Bank stocks contrasted with the big ones Intesa is Unicredit positive (respectively + 0.35% and + 2.16%) while they are in red Bper, Banco Bpm is Ubi. Continue the good time of Recordati, which still benefits from the accounts. Good industry, where it stands out Prysmian(+ 3.55%); in luxury it runs Ferragamo (+ 3.48%).

WALL STREET – Proceeds in positive territory Wall Street. The Dow Jones salt of 0.63% to 25.582 points, the Nasdaq advances 0.35% to 7,440 points, while Lo S & P 500 scores an increase of 0.38% to 2.755 points. Openings respectively to + 0.40%, + 0.34% and + 0.29%.

ASIAN BAGS – La bag of Hong Kong it rose again due to the greater optimism on the commercial talks between the United States and China. The index Hang Seng earned 1.16% to 28,497.59 points. In mainland China, the index Shanghai Composite closed 1.84% up to 2,721.07 points, while the composite index of Shenzhen rose 1.87% to 1,389.68 points.


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