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«Italians are a shame, wake up. Count a puppet »

New invective of Silvio Berlusconi, this time on Rete 4, against citizens who vote M5S or otherwise not enough Forza Italia: «Italians, you are all out of your mind. How do you think like that? Wake up, you are a disgrace! ». And then: "Politics has always been disgusting, even for the presence of those who are voted, I am here for a sense of responsibility," he added.

"Conte is a puppet of the two deputy ministers," says Silvio Berlusconi on Rete 4, repeating the verdict of the Belgian Liberal Guy Verofhstadt yesterday at the European Parliament. Requested a vote to the premier, the leader of Forza Italy responds that "Conte is a good person, knows how to kiss the ladies well, dress well, pretends to be him in charge of the government". "Di Maio instead has only one talent, smile and lie on TV. It is unclassifiable ".

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