Italy. A roller coaster disaster in the Alps. Among the victims, a family of five | World news

On Sunday, May 23, we informed about the breakdown of the mountain railway in the Alps. Initial reports from the scene said that 13 people were killed and two injured – two children aged five and nine, who were transported by helicopter to a hospital in Turin. In the evening, however, one of the children died and the number of victims rose to 14 people. According to The Times of Israel, among them was a family of five from Israel.

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Italy. Among the victims of the broken queue, a family of five from Israel

The cable car crashed on Sunday morning in Stresa in northern Italy (Piedmont region) 300 meters before the end of the route at the top of Mount Mottarone. According to the online newspaper, the Israeli ambassador to Rome, Dror Eydar, confirmed that five members of one family were among the victims. – We are talking about one family – two parents, their child, and grandfather and grandmother – Eydar said in an interview with Israeli military radio.

A five-year-old child, the only survivor of the catastrophe, was transported by helicopter to the Oval Lingotto with head and chest injuries and fractures of the lower limbs. At 2:45 pm she was transported to the Regina Margherita children’s hospital. Despite his serious condition, the child was conscious throughout the entire rescue operation.

– We don’t know yet why the cable car broke. It is constantly researched by experts. We will not rest until we know exactly what happened there, ‘added Ambassador Eydar.

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A roller coaster disaster in the Italian Alps

The wagon of the cable car fell down from a height of about 15 meters onto a wooded area, which additionally hindered the rescue operation. According to “La Republicca”, witnesses were supposed to see the cabin quickly retreated, then derailed and fell. Stresa mayor Marcello Severino said the tests were carried out the day before the lift was reopened – on May 22.

– I think it was an accident as the entire queue was thoroughly checked and said to be in good condition. Italian companies dealing with the maintenance of such equipment are the best in the country. Technicians need to explain what happened, said AFP Angelo Garavaglia, owner of a restaurant at the foot of the line.

The funicular between Stresa and Mottarone is 13 years old. Its route takes approximately 20 minutes. There can be 40 people on board the carriage. According to current information, 15 passengers traveled on it during the event.

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