Italy investigates the ″ crown-parties ″ to get infected and obtain a health pass | Coronavirus | DW

The Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office (northern Italy) has opened an investigation into the so-called “corona-parties”, a practice that has become fashionable, especially among young people, to become infected with the coronavirus with the intention of overcoming the disease and power obtain the health certificate, which in Italy is mandatory for work and leisure.

These are private parties in which at least one of the participants is a carrier of the virus and that have become fashionable in the Alto Adige region, one of which currently has the highest numbers of virus infections in the country and where opposition to vaccines is deeply rooted among the German-speaking community, according to local media.

“In a closed room, with a positive person of the Delta variant, between 5 and 10 people can be easily infected in one night (…) We are talking above all about young people who, worried about possible restrictions for those who do not have the ‘ Green Pass’ (health certificate) are trying to get immunization “, according to Patrick Franzoni, vice coordinator of the Covid unit in Bolzano.

In fact, the “crown-parties” have caused, at the moment, the hospitalization of three people and two of them are in Intensive Care Units and the Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation, according to the information channel skytg24. This practice, widespread in Germany and Austria, has even involved primary school children, whose anti-vaccine parents lead them to meet with COVID-19 positives to develop contagion and immunization, Franzoni revealed. In Germany this trend is also worrying.

Leif Erik Sander, head of the infectious immunology and vaccines research group of the Berlin university clinic of the Charité, stressed at a press conference with the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, that “immunity through infection is not really an alternative to discuss. ” According to Sander, it would lead to a saturation of the health system, to a fifth, sixth and seventh wave, something that no one can really want, he added. (efe)

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