Italy reported 13,208 Covid-19 cases and 125 deaths this week

According to the latest report from the Italian Ministry of Health, in this period the deaths as a result of this disease totaled 125, which represents a decrease of 16.7 percentage points in relation to the 150 people who died between April 19 and 25. May in this country.

In those seven days, 246,19 tests were carried out to diagnose the presence of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, with a positivity rate of 5.4 percent, lower than the 5.6 in the previous stage, when it amounted to 259. thousand 227 the number of exams.

At the end of the week, on June 1, 66 people were admitted to intensive care, nine less than on May 25, and the reduction was 12.0 percent, while in the general rooms the number of patients with symptoms of this disease decreased by 11.5 percentage points, with a total of 1,774 people.

The positive cases for the presence of the virus add up to 119,805, of which 117,965 are in home isolation and the number of recoveries between the last seven days computed reached 15,114, the note refers to.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic at the end of January 2020, this country, with some 59 million inhabitants, has totaled 25,870,833 Covid-19 infections, as well as 190,517 deaths as a result of the disease. , while the number of people recovered amounts to 25 million 560 thousand 511.


2023-06-03 06:18:34

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