Italy : the elections of embarrassment

Italy : the elections of embarrassment


The latest polls confirm this : the approach of the general elections of 4 march, the political landscape is broadly divided into three. With 29% of voting intentions, the first political force was the Movement of 5 stars (M5S), which cannot be said neither of the right nor of the left, does not seal a covenant, and refuses up to the appellation of “party”. Launched by the comedian Beppe Grillo, it has been almost ten years, this training-wielding ideals of transparency and horizontality. However, practice has shown that the direct democracy that claims to apply the M5S is limited by the action directive to its leaders. As to the ideal of transparency, the pots accumulated by the mayor 5 star hotel in Rome make it less credible.

United, the left could exceed the M5S. But for this to happen, the democratic Party of Matteo Renzi (24 %) and Liberi e Uguali (union of the left and the secessionists of the democratic Party) are able to reach agreement. What seems wrong party.

For its part, the right has managed to gather, which might enable him to reach 36 % of the vote. But this patchwork – and wobbly – includes two far-right parties, as well as Forza Italia, movement of Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime minister, 81 years old, who, despite his pots and pans, and a conviction for tax fraud, which forbids him to be present, would attract 15.3% of the vote.

And this is precisely the smile lifté of the latter that appears in the weekly Internazionale,, in the face of this desolate landscape, title : “spoilt for choice”.

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