Italy. Toads and hedgehogs rule the Colosseum in the absence of tourists

Alfonsina Russo posted a charming photo of a hedgehog basking in the sun on the grounds of the famous Colosseum. As she noticed, small animals come out of their burrows unscathed by anyone and move slowly around the area. They are favored by the surrounding silence. Kestrels fly low – medium-sized birds of prey from the falcon family.

Internet users are delighted with the photo “How sweet!” – they comment. Many animals have yet to hibernate due to the unusually high temperatures recorded in Rome in November.

It is still unknown when the Colosseum, along with other monuments in Italy, will reopen. According to official information, it is closed from November 6 to December 3, but the decision will probably be extended. For now, its inhabitants can sleep, fly and walk there peacefully.

Poles can enter Italy without the need to show the COVID-19 test result. Public transport, air and rail traffic have not been stopped, but significantly reduced – public transport can only be filled to 50%.

Additional restrictions apply to the orange and red regions. They include, among others a ban on moving to a commune other than the commune of residence and a ban on entering and leaving the region, with the exception of movements motivated by proven professional necessity, health reasons or a situation of higher need.



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