Italy without masks from Monday, but the Delta variant is worrying

Editing, in collaboration with VicenzaToday
June 27, 2021 3:17 pm

From Monday 28 June all of Italy will be in the white zone and – following the indication of the CTS for the white zones – again from tomorrow and until 31 July (the day on which the covid state of emergency expires) it will no longer be mandatory to keep the mask worn outdoors, except in “situations in which spacing cannot be guaranteed, there are gatherings or crowds, you are in the open spaces of health facilities and in the presence of immunosuppressed subjects”. A further step towards normality while the latest coronavirus monitoring in Italy reports how the incidence has dropped to 11 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in 7 days nationwide. “A situation that allows you to remove the masks outdoors – explains Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health, who in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ warns:” The pandemic is not over, monitoring allows us to understand how the situation evolves and, if anything, intervene, including by reintroducing measures “.

The Delta variant: only 30% of Italians vaccinated with a double dose

What is worrying are the data coming from England regarding the Delta variant and showing that vaccination with a single dose can be effective in reducing severe clinical forms but does not guarantee the level of protection guaranteed by those who have undergone the full course of vaccination. Even in Italy where the total cases decrease, the outbreaks induced by the Delta variant increase in percentage. The data from the ISS report on Friday speak for themselves: in a few weeks the cases have quadrupled, reaching 16.8%. Health Minister Roberto Speranza ensures the Government’s utmost attention on all variants, hoping for a coordinated international measure. But the forecasts of the experts are not rosy. The hope is that with a large part of the most fragile population completely vaccinated, as cases increase, a crisis in the health system will not follow as occurred last autumn. Therefore, the appeal of all experts is to rush with the completion of vaccinations, immediately reach those who have not yet received even the first dose and not postpone the second for any reason.

Virologists ask for no vacation with a single dose

The chorus that has been inviting for days to complete the vaccination cycle as soon as possible was joined by the immunologist of the University of Padua Antonella Viola as well as Francesco Vaia, director of Spallanzani in Rome. «We must call back without putting off until after the holidays; until you are fully vaccinated (10 days after the second dose), you must continue to use masks and spacers. Only after the complete vaccination course can we feel safe »explains Viola. «It is important that we leave for the holidays with the second dose of vaccine carried out. We must convince them not to postpone the vaccine to go on vacation », Vaia adds. And one solution indicated by the research is that of heterologous vaccination (i.e. using two different types) which a published Lancet study has shown to be able to act even more effectively, causing a better response of the immune system.

Cts and Iss open to the possibility of red zones

To complicate matters, if the first data are confirmed, is the fact that the delta variant would not have that important spy symptom that helped identify cases from the start: loss of smell. Massimo Galli, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, to the microphones of, explains that “for what little we can now know, it could have a greater capacity to spread”, and on the symptoms, “we do not many data that say that it has a clinical impact worse than the other. If it were true that it doesn’t cause you to lose your sense of smell, that wouldn’t be a good sign. In fact, it would become more difficult to identify the virus. But it is all to be verified ».