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Italy: Woman bakes strudel – and does not suspect that he costs 40,000 euros

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In Italy, a woman baked – without realizing how expensive it would be. Her fiancé too. He is to blame.

Padua – That was a comparatively expensive pastry! An Italian woman accidentally burned 40,000 euros while whirling. This is reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Why the bills were just in the oven? According to the report, probably her fiancé (40) put the coal in the oven. He is therefore currently on tax evasion in court and wanted to hide the sum well before the investigators.

40,000 euros charred: Fiancee's wife in court

The 40-year-old is accused of hiding 40 million euros abroad from the Treasury. The 40,000 euros, which disappeared in the oven, evaluate the investigators loudly La Repubblica as an indication that the defendant had something to hide from the authorities.

The back-painting has already happened in 2016. But only now in the tax evasion process it was the RepubblicaAccording to report public. The investigators had played in court a wiretaped phone conversation in which the wife told her sister from charred coal in the oven.

Banknotes in oven overlooked: more strange missteps

It sounds strange that she should not have noticed the notes as she pushed the strudel into the oven. But what do you know? After all, people apparently also confuse high percentage with water. Or Chancellor Angela Merkel with someone completely different. And people who are trying to evade taxes already have strange ideas, as this other case shows.

According to the report, the 40-year-old entrepreneur was acquitted in an initial tax evasion case in 2017. In May 2018, he was arrested again in a penthouse in Jesolo near Venice.

Burned 40,000 euros: owner was a dentist

The accused is therefore registered in the Principality of Monaco, has worked as a dentist, and then since 1999 with the sale of banner ads on websites earned his money. Even the 40,000 euros that now charred in the oven? He had not told his girlfriend about the hiding place, so La Repubblica, Whether the 40,000-euro vortex at least succeeded or also charred is not known.

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