“It’s a smear campaign”

The television host Jey Mammon published a statement on his Twitter account after receiving a complaint of sexual abuse in the last hoursaccusations which he described as false, in addition to stating that he is the victim of a “persistent campaign of harassment and defamation.”

The Telefé star was denounced by a young man named Lucas Benvenutowho spread the accusations of other minors who would have been involved in the events on their social networks. The presentation comes days after the arrest of Marcelo Corazza for a cause of corruption of minors.

“Given the dissemination of a complaint that the Justice decided to prescribe, in the case of a false episode in a large part of its content, I see myself in the need to inform that to this action, which seeks unspeakable revenues to the detriment of my person, is added a persistent campaign of harassment and defamation,” he first said.

The defendant remarked that he has suffered “extortive behavior on the part of the person who filed a complaint [Lucas Benvenutto] that the Justice dismissed and closed”, referring to the same accusation that the young man had made three years ago, but that was prescribed.

Mammon then said that he will take legal action against the whistleblower, at the same time that he affirmed that “the situation raised is the product of the conduct of a person who, in this case, and before the Justice has acted untruthfully.”

“The media installation of the issue has put at stake the prestige and honor of whoever speaks to them in a delicate and sensitive event for the whole of society. I pray to God that the truth be exposed and known,” he concluded.

What happened to Jey Mammon?

As explained by the young man, he filed the complaint in 2020, together with his lawyer Javier Moral. “The hearing was through Zoom and the prosecutor, with her hand on her heart, told me ‘we can’t do anything because the case has prescribed,” Benvenuto said.

This is due to the lapse of time that occurred between the start of the legal case and the denounced fact. “That word is the story of my life: ‘prescribed’,” he added, obviously distraught.

Benvenuto would have started the string of complaints in the framework of the well-known Causa Corsi, a psychologist who commanded an extensive network of recruitment, trafficking and corruption of minors. For three years, he had a “relationship” with the Telefe driver when he was only 14 years old.

(The chronicler)