It’s about millions – LIGABlatt – football at the hour!

Million Business: Casino advertising in football is becoming increasingly popular as sponsorship money

In recent years, football club sponsorship has changed. So far, it has mainly been sporting goods equipment and fizzy drinks producers that have supported it, but more and more casinos are pouring millions into football. In 2015, for example, Hertha BSC began entering into a lucrative partnership with the casino and sports betting provider Bet At Home.

In 2007, competitor Bwin already became a sponsor of Real Madrid and gave the team millions in revenue. British clubs have long recognized the benefits of sponsorship deals with casino and sports betting providers. In 2015, West Ham United signed a deal with Betway as their main sponsor and got a hefty sum for it. Some teams go one step further and even let the casinos act as namesakes for their stadiums.

This is what happened in 2016 when Stoke City’s venue was renamed “bet365 Stadium” from 1 June. A win-win situation for both, because casinos receive more attention through advertising on jerseys and boards and the clubs more economic power through sponsorship.

The benefits for casinos when using football content

Casinos show their commitment not only as a sponsor in football, but also in looking after their (new) customers. If you register with a provider, you can often look forward to attractive bonuses. In order to attract more attention to the promotions, many casinos become football-themed. After all, the sport inspires millions of fans worldwide and almost everyone knows the names of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and other well-known football idols.

Casinos want to strengthen the bond with their customers through the lucrative advertising offers paired with football enthusiasm. Numerous new online casinos not only concentrate on the range of games on machines and Co., but also provide additional betting offers. It is an ideal combination for football fans because they can have double the fun. With Fortuna’s support, success not only affects the reels, but possibly also the ticket.

For this loyalty and joy of discovery of the offers, the casinos and bookmakers often give twice the bonus pleasure. A particularly large number of sports fans bet on King Football, so that there is usually the largest selection of odds here. In order to fuel the enthusiasm of their customers, bookmakers provide lucrative extras for betting in the Bundesliga and other international competitions. For example, there are cashouts, free bets and much more. Sports betting fans and bookmakers benefit equally here. Customers are happy about additional bonuses and top odds, bookmakers about the growing betting turnover.

Various football advertising options in an online casino

If there are imposing competitions such as the football world and European championships, the online casinos often leave their mark. They take the opportunity and present their customers with attractive promotions for individual games. For example, there are free spins or other bonuses for certain slots to support the teams.

King football has found its way into the games in online casinos. There are not only numerous slots with varied football themes, but also exciting live games. Playtech has been offering live football roulette since 2021, delighting casino and football lovers alike.

Advertising measures via social media and influencers are becoming more popular. On YouTube or Twitch, German and international celebrities such as Knossi and Co. present various slot machines and other games. Through their videos, they give a direct insight into what is happening. This is well received by the community, because a live video presentation of how the various reels spin and what winnings are possible motivates much more than mere image advertising.

Active soccer players are known as advertising faces for bookmakers and online casinos. Lukas Podolski, for example, was an ambassador for “XTiP” and Bastian Schweinsteiger advertised for “Campobet”. Even the former titan in goal of FC Bayern Munich, Oliver Kahn, promoted “Tipico” as a sports betting provider. Mario Basler made his own “Baslers bet” known on “Digibet”. In 2011, the English bookmaker “BetVictor” was delighted to receive Reiner Calmund’s advertisement.

That’s how effective different football content management strategies really are

Case studies from various football clubs show that loyalty to fans can be increased through promotional appearances at bookmakers and the like. Fans trust their idols and are less skeptical when their likeness is the face of advertising for online casinos or bookmakers. In turn, the fans of the football team are extremely popular for the gambling providers, because they often express their enthusiasm on the slot reels or the lottery tickets.

Targeted incentives such as the best casino bonus with no wagering requirements from Casinoallianz. This motivates the fans, for example, to get an idea for themselves. In addition, the lower access hurdles give them more security and self-confidence for later gaming activities with their own credit.

Admittedly, for casinos and bookmakers, the bonuses and promotional messages offered are a tough business. They often have to spend thousands or even millions of euros to sponsor football stars and teams. In order for this commitment to be worthwhile, enough sports betting friends must react to it and invest with their stakes.

Measuring the success of engagement is essential, for example through engagement rates. If bonuses are provided in connection with various football campaigns, it is targeted in the background how many customers actually click on them and even use the campaign. This analysis provides valuable information for future actions. If the engagement rate is not yet satisfactory, a graphic redesign or a completely new bonus offer can help. The long-term goal is to recoup most of the sponsorship and advertising spend from revenue from newly acquired customers.

Gambling advertising is not without controversy, especially in Germany. Since a change in the law in Germany, for example, completely from the TV, which forced the casinos and bookmakers to rethink. Looked for new ways of effective advertising sponsorship and found it, for example, through direct support of the Bundesliga and as a sponsor for numerous teams.

Despite strict legal regulations, some gambling offers still have a harsh aftertaste. We are talking about irresponsible gaming practices, promoting gambling addiction or seduction by young gamers – especially by the YouTube and Twitch idols. Despite criticism, many German football teams are open to sponsorship by casinos and the like, thereby ensuring further trust among their fans.


King football not only inspires millions on the pitch and on TV sets, but also in casinos and bookmakers. Offered promotions for major football events (including top odds or bonus offers) are often used and not only increase the number of clicks.

Casinos and other gaming providers have long since made a name for themselves as sponsors in the Bundesliga and with numerous international football teams. Nevertheless, there are still isolated negative criticisms. It’s all about tempting people to become addicted to gambling and downplaying the risks. Reputable providers have long since reacted to this and protect their customers with various self-regulating mechanisms and strict controls. Even the soccer stars contribute to a better impression of gambling by proudly wearing the sponsors on their shirts.

Nevertheless, these measures do not go far enough for many experts. They are calling for the bonuses to be made less lavish and lurid. Numerous casinos are already willing to compromise and have reduced their bonus offers. They are less generous, but above all offer a first free look. In this way, customers should not be motivated to make an ill-considered deposit, but should be able to look around the casino and bookmaker themselves without any pressure.