It’s all well and good to be smart behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, but it would be a question of mastering it

He wanted to screw it up a bit in front of the few passers-by in the area. But things have not turned out well for the driver of this Ford Mustang who does not yet have good control of his vehicle.

Too bad, his drifts were off to a good start, but he will now know that to do this, an empty parking lot is a more suitable place. Here, fortunately, it will not hit any other car but it could have been the case.

No, his thing is to demolish the facades. The heart has its reasons that reason ignores but all the same we prefer that rather than coming to collide head-on an innocent car.

Surprisingly, or not for that matter, accidents involving Ford Mustangs are often similar. Most of the time, the driver tries to impress everyone and things go wrong.

Are we saying that Mustangs can turn motorists into kékés? Who knows…

It slips ?

It is quite incomprehensible to see that the “pilot” loses control of his vehicle. The beginning of the video seemed to be well mastered. But here is another example of the danger of drifts in an urban environment, you never know how it can turn out.