It's been 15 years without Michael Jordan

It's been 15 years without Michael Jordan

15 years ago, NBA and the world of basketball were left without Michael Jordan , the best of the exponents that has been seen in the history of ‘sport burst’, who consolidated six championship rings with Phil Jackson on the bench, plus in 2009 he was admitted to the Hall of Fame. Today a day like today, in 2003, Michael Jordan I was definitely saying goodbye to the NBA . That April 16 was in the memory of all basketball lovers as a special day. It just went the best of all time. No more no less. At that time, Jordan no longer played in the Chicago Bulls, where he thrilled the world with his talent and physical prowess. He continued with the number 23, but in the Wizards of Washington, that opened the doors to him to the 40 years. In his last game, he scored 15 points against the Philadelphia Sixers. In the absence of 1.44 by the end of the game was replaced and the entire stadium stood up to cheer for three minutes. ‘MJ’ retired after scoring 32,292 points, just behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone in the league’s historic classification. However, nobody exceeds their average points in the regular season (30.1) or in the Playoffs (33.4). The great’Air Jordan’ won 10 titles as top scorer of the NBA , seven of them followed. In total, he played 1,072 regular-phase matches, of which 1,039 were as starters; 930 went to Chicago and 142 to Washington. Only in 13 matches of his career did he reach 10 points. (With information of Agencies)

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