“It’s better not to spoil the memories”: the first evaluation of Devil May Cry HD Collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

“It’s better not to spoil the memories”: the first evaluation of Devil May Cry
 HD Collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Today on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came out collection Devil May Cry HD Collection, released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in March 2012. On computers, the first two parts of the series finally appeared, which remained console exclusives of 15 and 17 years respectively. About technical problems of remasters last week reported Twitch Prime users who received early access, and with the appearance of the first assessments of critics it became clear that the re-releases did not simply improve, but in many respects worsened all three games. The average score of the PS4 version on the review aggregator Metacritic now is 61 points out of 100 possible.

A week before the release, players reported that The speed of the game is tied to the frame rate , so the latter is better to fix. There were problems that did not exist in older versions: for example, the blood became even more pixelated than before, the blur effect on shots disappeared, the sampling frequency of sound effects decreased, and some background sounds played in the cycle (for example, the sound of waves) are superimposed inaccurately .
“Devil May Cry HD Collection looks like a relic , – wrote an employee Gaming Age Matthew Pollesel (Matthew Pollesel), who rated the PS4 version of the compilation for 2.5 out of 10 points. – The newest game of compilation [Devil May Cry 3] came out more than ten years ago – since then there have appeared two new generations of consoles – and it is not clear what the updated version deserved the mark of HD. Everything looks angular and just disgusting, like playing on the PlayStation 2, connected to a modern TV. I’m not very concerned about 1080p, the frame rate and all that, but when the game looks so awful that I’m calling my wife from another room to look at it, it seems that everything is really bad with this collection. ”

According to the journalist, the problems of the Devil May Cry HD Collection are not limited to frustrating graphics. “For a game that once conquered gamers with stylish fights and fast gameplay, the re-release is all too clumsy and disorderly, – he noted. – Movements of characters are slowed down, control is clumsy, and attacks have become much sharper. But the worst thing is the camera. In all three games, the view is often changed, which makes it difficult to move around in 3D space. It happens that you are walking along the corridor, the camera abruptly moves to another position and it turns out that you are already going in the opposite direction. This happens all the time and makes it move slower, which would be nice in a game where you do not need to hurry, but here speed and smoothness are extremely important. ”
“Torture is the best description of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, He concluded. – I do not know what memories you have left from the passage of these games 10-15 years ago, but I can assure you that if you play in them now, then you will be surprised how they could be loved at all. If you cherish old impressions, do not allow this abomination to stain them. ”

Reviewer Francesco Fossetti noted that Capcom did only half the work, increasing the resolution, but leaving the clips on the engine and menus (they are 4: 3) intact. “The half-reminder of praise is not worthy, especially if we take into account the dishonest price, which does not correspond to the quality of the reissue, – he believes.
“Devil May Cry HD Collection – a good reminder of what games were twenty years ago and what they are now, – noted the journalist We Got This Covered John Hueber. He called remasters “A simple reissue of the ports of games a decade ago.” Employee IGN Italia Gianluca Loggia also noted that the “new” versions are no different from the options for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, except for the resolution of 1080p instead of 720p (there is no support for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, 4K is available only on the PC).

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