It’s confirmed, the best innovation of the iPhone 12 arrives on an Android smartphone

Ultimately, Realme will be the first to borrow MagSafe technology from the iPhone 12.

We have had confirmation, Realme is preparing its own MagSafe technology well. Borrowed from the iPhone 12, MagSafe technology consists of adding a magnetization system to the Qi wireless charging of the smartphone.

Apple MagSafe on one side, Realme MagDart on the other

According to GSM Arena, this technology will take its first steps at Realme. We find her on the Flash with an accessory called MagDart. You can feel the inspiration even in the name. The principle is simple: it is wireless charging but with a magnetic system that allows the charger to be placed well behind the phone.

This then opens up other possibilities, such as creating special media, card holders, docking stations… The possibilities are immense, as we have seen in recent months. Lately, Apple has even launched its own MagSafe external battery.

As you can see, Realme’s solution is physically bigger than what we’ve seen at Apple and it includes a fan. This means that the charging power is expected to exceed 15 W. Realme expects to announce the fastest magnetic charger in the world, knowing that Oppo does wireless charging at 65 W.

Regarding the smartphone, the Realme Flash is a smartphone with a curved screen. The back features a three-camera setup while inside you should find some Snapdragon 888 with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. On the software side, it will be equipped with Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0. We do not yet have any information on its availability in France.

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